This is a sample of video I've produced, including commercials, events and in-depth features. 

ACSA’s Video Podcast: One-on-one interview with former Columbine High School principal Frank DeAngelis

The two sisters of education

Two Sacramento-area sisters are growing the next generation of California leaders while serving as public school teachers. Their leadership skills have grown immensely since they began participating in ACSA's Women's Leadership Collaborative and it is only a matter of time before these student advocates become district decision makers.


The fearless advocate for students

Dr. Michelle King of the Los Angeles Unified School District is an education leader who focuses on the needs of all students. 

Changing the way students confront everyday issues

The TLC program, spearheaded by Tillys clothing store founder Tilly Levine, is helping troubled students confront hardships in their daily lives through journals and open discussion.

ACSA News coverage of 2018 Legislative Action Day

More than 400 ACSA members and education leaders spend the day at the state Capitol to advocate for students.

Celebrating Cesar Chavez Day

In recognition of Cesar Chavez Day, SEIU Local 1000 member leaders look back at the influence Chavez had on labor history nationwide. 

ACSA’s Strategic Plan: 2019-2021

Beto Hernandez

This video is one of a string of online commercials used for promoting the work of California state workers.

The First Family of ACSA

ACSA brings together the top student advocates in California. In one case, bringing the top student advocates together, means bringing home a father and daughter.