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Communication: The three entities to success

Communicators are often seen as a factory, focusing their energy on product instead of the strategy needed to meet the goals of a campaign. Communicators must push themselves to think out-of-the-box, using all available platforms to educate and engage consumers and allies.”

Modern technology, including video and social media platforms, has changed everything we know about communicating. No longer can we rely on paper, conversations and e-mail to move our messages.

The rules of communication: There are no rules. Everyone is different, and everyone consumes information in a different method.

Success in communications relies on three entities: Education, organization and empowerment.

No matter which platforms are used, it’s imperative to focus on educating our customer, helping them organize their thoughts and feelings, then empowering them to purchase, visit, get involved and ultimately return.

To achieve ultimate success, communicators must design a campaign strategy acknowledging the goals of the campaign and utilizing every available tool. Paper. Conversations. E-mail. Social media. Video. Online connections. Mobile devices. Video games. Movie theatre previews. If it exists, it’s fair game.