Dynamic and creative executive with proven success using a diverse set of skills to create, manage and support projects in the high competitive communications, marketing, public relations and crisis management industries. Innovative, forward thinking professional fluent in traditional and emerging media platforms that align organizational systems and themes, unleash individual talents and build long-standing and collaborative relationships.

My Strategy

Modern technology, including video and social media platforms, has changed everything we know about communicating. No longer can we rely on paper, conversations and e-mail to move our messages. The rules of communication: There are no rules. Everyone is different, and everyone consumers information in a different method. Have you communicated to everyone in every way?


Print Productions

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Writing is the great equalizer. Without strong writing tactics, your communications products will never penetrate customers in the way you planned. Setting a messaging plan and considering all delivery models is crucial to every strategic communications effort. The right words, right look, and delivery method will make your goals more attainable from start to finish.

Video Concepts

Call it the CSI effect. If your customers can’t see it, they’re less likely to believe what you’re saying. Millions of Americans have a smart phone or mobile device in their possession at all times. Are you reaping the benefits? Does your business or organization have what it takes to create compelling video for your website, social media platforms and electronic publications?